The Organic and Vegan lines and the “No Added….” philosophy: the taste of tradition, for one and all

Over the years, the company has diversified its range of products, focusing in particular on its more demanding consumers.

Products with no added fat, salt and sugar, or made with wholewheat flours are some of the variants proposed by the company both to those who must pay more attention to nutrition due to health conditions, and those who simply want to try out new flavours every day, without damaging their health or forgoing the taste of tradition.

To meet the growing demand for natural, wholesome products the company has launched an organic line which includes kamut bread and tasty Short Kamut Breadsticks made with ancient Khorasan grain, which has a low gluten content.

Brusa has set itself an extremely ambitious objective: to extend its range of Organic products and launch a vegan line made only using ingredients of vegetable origin and unrefined sugars and flours.