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Biella, Piedmont, Italy… and beyond

It was in the Biella area, a land nestled between Alpine peaks and lush green plains, that our business began, and it is here that our history has its origins. Our products are fruit of the local tradition and bear witness to our deep-rooted connection with the territory that surrounds us, but they also pay homage to many other stories. Brusa is compose of a myriad of places, some located near to hand and others far, far away; it is like a common thread that departs from the Biella area, passes through Piedmont, Italy and reaches beyond the borders of our nation.

For us, tradition and quality go hand-in-hand: this is why we do not simply limit ourselves to using local ingredients when making our products, but instead go that extra mile to select the ones that guarantee an excellent result.

Pure sources

The most important resource we have that enables us to make a good product is provided by the land in Biella and the surrounding area. This is none other than the extraordinarily pure water that wells up naturally from the granite rocks of the Pre-Alps in the Biella area, recognised as the lightest in Europe as it is low in sodium and free from heavy metals: the ideal raw material for enhancing the flavours and making the most of all the ingredients used in our biscuit and breadstick doughs.

Piedmont Hazelnut

Piedmont also offers us another highly prestigious ingredient, used in many of the sweet regional specialities: The Piedmont Hazelnut, of the Tonda Gentile Trilobata variety, recognised as the finest in the world for its organoleptic characteristics and its unique, unmistakeable aroma.

Extra-fine chocolate

When it comes to hazelnuts, the first thing we imagine it paired with is undoubtedly chocolate: to fill our Canestrelli and Baci di Dama, and indeed to coat many of our biscuits, we select the best extra-fine and extra-dark chocolate, only containing cocoa butter.

Wholesome goodness

Italy also provides us with the fine and super-fine cornflours used in our Paste di Meliga and Krumiri biscuits, and eggs, one of the main ingredients in our range.

Last but not least, we select the finest butters from beyond the Alps, produced with buttermilk to make our tastiest biscuits unmistakeably fragrant and crisp.

All the products made by Brusa are free from artificial colourings, preservatives and thickeners.